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After fifty years of providing menu solutions, Gage Menu Solutions are now available through HPS and GFS! Menu Solutions give healthcare new choices in sugar Free products and meal preparation.

HPS Healthcare Update / Ordering FAQ's

There have been a lot of questions regarding how to order Gage products through GFS. This note is designed to help answer them:

  1. Are all Gage items available? Yes! You can order all of the Gage, Lunchwell and Golden Choice items through GFS and still get the HPS discount! this includes:

  2. How Do I order? You need to order through your GFS rep. Once you place the order, GFS will assign codes and place the order with us. If you need help, let us know and we will help contact your GFS rep.

  3. Does the product come on my regular truck? No, we will ship it directly to you but you will be billed through GFS.

  4. Do I get discounts as an HPS member? Of course! You get an HPS discount and for the next 90 days (through August 15th), all orders get FREE SHIPPING!

  5. How do I find out more about the items?

HPS Healthcare Update

specialtydiet express Product List HPS Golden Choice Product List (.PDF)

Golden Choice Sugar Free Brownie Mixes - Chocolate Fudge and Blonde.

Golden Choice Sugar Free Cake Mixes – Twelve Delicious Varieties!

Golden Choice Sugar Free Cookie Mixes – Seven Delicious Varieties!

Golden Choice Sugar Free Fruit Fillings and Mix Toppings - 10 Delicious Varieties!

Golden Choice Sugar Free Icing Mixes – Great for Decorating Cakes, Cookies, Brownies.

Golden Choice Sugar Free Muffin and Pancake Mix - in Basic, Apple Cinnamon and Blueberry.

Gage Lasagna (G0334): A ten minute prep and twelve minute cook product that can get your cost per serving down under 35 cents! Our reformulated Lasagna uses a firmer and larger noodle and a more effective spice pack that takes the classic version and turns it into a winner every time!

Gage Tetrazzini (G0330): Our most versatile item. Use with commodity chicken, turkey, pork, tuna or any “other white meat”. Kids love it!

Gage Santa Fe Pasta (G4220): Our fastest growing recipe is with fajita chicken, commodity salsa and black beans. A menu solution like nothing else!

Gage Coffee Cake (G0616): Add water only or add commodity applesauce and bonus commodity fruit for a bread and 3/8 cup fruit!

Lunchwell Chicken Noodle USA (LW2010): Add Chicken only for a healthy chicken noodle entree at 220 calories per serving, 4g fat, 5g dietary fiber and under 500mg of sodium!

Lunchwell Chicken Pomodoro (LW2015): Use with chicken or turkey and diced tomatoes for a real italian flavor also 220 calories per serving, 4g fat, 5g dietary fiber and under 500mg of sodium!

Come check out our website at www.gagefoods.com. You can download all of our menu pages via pdf file. How do you order? Simply click on the items you want in the Specialty Diet Express website and the Gage items will be delivered directly to you.


Gage Foods, 454 Country Club Drive, Bensenville, IL 60106
FAX: 630.595.6295

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