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Menu Solutions for French Style Cheese Cake

Spring Fever Cheesecake MS0029
Spring Fever Cheesecake
Make a delicious and low-cost cheesecake using Spring Fever Cheesecake. Incorporate any canned, frozen, or BONUS COMMODITY FRUIT such as blueberries, cherries, or apricots.
Case Yield: 1290    $/Serving: $0.26      Price: $335.42 Pack: Kit Fruit Component = 1/4 cup of Fruit
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Berry Stripe Cheesecake MS0034
Berry Stripe Cheesecake
Cranberries go to waste no more! Berry Stripe Cheesecake is the perfect way to use up your excess fresh, frozen, and canned cranberries! Your picky eaters will never know.
Case Yield: 384    $/Serving: $0.87      Price: $335.42 Pack: Kit Bread Component = 14.75g of Creditable Grain Half Fruit Component = 1/8 cup of Fruit
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