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Having trouble serving bonus commodity Apricots? Check here for some great recipe ideas.

Fruit Crumble Cake MS0021
Fruit Crumble Cake
Our most popular menu solution! Not only does our Fruit Crumble Cake recipe pair with BONUS COMMODITY APPLESAUCE, it also incorporates any drained canned or frozen fruit, including BONUS COMMODITY APRICOTS, BLUEBERRIES, or CHERRIES. You can even top with BONUS COMMODITY WALNUTS. One serving contributes 1 full bread and 3/8 cup fruit of nutrition.
Case Yield: 288    $/Serving: $0.31      Price: $88.99 Pack: Kit Bread Component = 14.75g of Creditable Grain Fruit Component = 1/4 cup of FruitHalf Fruit Component = 1/8 cup of Fruit
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Pie Fill Conditioner G1108
Pie Fill Conditioner
If you make fruit crisps, pies or fillings of any kind, this product is a must. No time-consuming cooking or excessive stirring is necessary when you use this product. To thicken the juices, just blend Gage Pie Fill conditioner with your product cold. That's right - no heating necessary! Great with BONUS COMMODITY BLUEBERRIES, APRICOTS, AND MORE!
Case Yield: 360    $/Serving: $0.27      Price: $97.83 Pack: 12 / 15oz.
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Vanilla Frosty Creme G1991
Vanilla Frosty Creme
The creamy texture and rich, delicious taste of our Frosty Cremes are "exclusively Gage" and has become a must on menus in all types of feeding programs. Add milk for a more decadent dessert or cold water for a higher yield. Fold in BONUS COMMODITY BLUEBERRIES, APRICOTS, CHERRIES, and WALNUTS or other fruits for a treat that counts towards your requirements.
Case Yield: 720    $/Serving: $0.18      Price: $131.95 Pack: 4 / #10
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Spring Fever Cheesecake MS0029
Spring Fever Cheesecake
Make a delicious and low-cost cheesecake using Spring Fever Cheesecake. Incorporate any canned, frozen, or BONUS COMMODITY FRUIT such as blueberries, cherries, or apricots.
Case Yield: 1290    $/Serving: $0.20      Price: $264.02 Pack: Kit Fruit Component = 1/4 cup of Fruit
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