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Why pay more for heat and server sauces when scratch-style sauces can be so easy? Gage’s Sauce Mixes enable you to build restaurant quality sauces in minutes! Our tomato based seasonings are designed to work for a variety of tomato products – including tomato paste, puree, and sauce. Our cream and cheese sauces are even better - just add water! You won’t believe how easy these are to prepare and your patrons will love the taste!

Alfredo/Primavera Sauce Mix G0520
Alfredo/Primavera Sauce Mix
One of the best Alfredo sauces available. Just add water and butter to create a creamy Alfredo sauce to pair with pasta, vegetables, chicken, pork, or tuna. Also works as a great dipping sauce for breadsticks!
Case Yield: 800    $/Serving: $0.19      Price: $148.94 Pack: 4 / #10
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Cheddar Cheese Sauce Mix G0522
Cheddar Cheese Sauce Mix
Made with the highest quality aged cheddar we could find, Gage's Cheddar Cheese Sauce goes great with vegetables, breadsticks, meats, nachos, potatoes, and more.
Case Yield: 840    $/Serving: $0.23      Price: $192.93 Pack: 6 / #10
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Nacho Cheese Sauce Mix G0509
Nacho Cheese Sauce Mix
Why pay more for name brands on a can your patrons will never see? Gage's Nacho Cheese Sauce is a great way to provide high quality nachos to your customers at an affordable price.
Case Yield: 560    $/Serving: $0.20      Price: $112.48 Pack: 4 / #10
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Italian Style Spaghetti Sauce Mix G0537
Italian Style Spaghetti Sauce Mix
A slightly zestier version of our Instant Spaghetti Sauce.
Case Yield: 1536    $/Serving: $0.05      Price: $81.62 Pack: 12 / 20 oz Vegetable Component = 1/4 cup of Vegetables
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Instant Spaghetti Sauce Mix G0533
Instant Spaghetti Sauce Mix
An exclusive Gage formulation of spices, herbs, and cheeses to make a great spaghetti sauce in minutes.
Case Yield: 1920    $/Serving: $0.04      Price: $76.68 Pack: 12 / 18oz. 1/8 cup Vegetable Component = 1/4 cup of Vegetables
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Instant Pizza Sauce Mix G0534
Instant Pizza Sauce Mix
When meal prices are reaching an all-time high, working in low cost alternatives to individually packaged items can really make a difference. Instant pizza sauce mix pairs with any commodity tomato product and makes a great dipping sauce for Bosco sticks and more.
Case Yield: 1152    $/Serving: $0.06      Price: $69.75 Pack: 12 / 1 lb Vegetable Component = 1/4 cup of Vegetables
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