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For over 50 years Gage Foods has been delivering exceptional quality products to food service facilities across the country. We work hard to provide custom tailored menu solutions that fit your business' unique requirements - whether you work in schools, healthcare, camps, catering, restaurants, casinos, day care or corrections, Gage Foods has developed a set of products to suit your needs.

Your Whole Grain Solution Center

If you are like most of our school customers, you are wrestling with the USDA Whole Grain guidelines. Comments overheard at a recent SNA show included, “They won't eat it,” and “It doesn't look like what they eat at home,” and “What good does it do if we have to throw it away?” Check out our line of GREAT TASTING Whole Grain Breakfast and Lunch entrees below. Stop throwing away food tomorrow!

In response to the demand Gage has developed an entire line of products which meet the New Guidelines, including:

Breakfast Items

* Whole Grain Cinnamon Swirl Coffee Cake/Muffin (G0642) --- ADD WATER ONLY / SMART SNACK

* Whole Grain Basic Muffin (G5350) ----------------------------- ADD WATER ONLY / SMART SNACK

* Whole Grain Blueberry Muffin (G0643) ------------------------ ADD WATER ONLY / SMART SNACK

* Whole Grain Chocolate Chip Muffin (G0636) ------------------ ADD WATER ONLY / SMART SNACK

* Whole Grain Fudge Brownie (G5550) -------------------------- ADD WATER ONLY / SMART SNACK

* Whole Grain Banana Bread (G0641) --------------------------- ADD WATER, EGG / SMART SNACK

Great Tasting Entrees

* Whole Grain Lasagna (G0329)

* Whole Grain Santa Fe Pasta (G4222)

* Whole Grain Tetrazzini (G0327) -------------------------------- SMART SNACK

* Whole Grain Country Dumpling (G0342)----------------------- SMART SNACK

* Whole Grain Cheeseburger Mac (G0322WG)

* Whole Grain Noodles Alfredo (G0328WG)

Deliciously Moist Cakes

* Whole Grain Yellow Velvet Cake Mix (G6200) ***NEW*** --- ADD WATER ONLY / SMART SNACK

* Whole Grain Chocolate Velvet Cake Mix (G6202)**NEW** -- ADD WATER ONLY / SMART SNACK

* Whole Grain Taste of Spice Cake Mix (G6203) ***NEW*** -- ADD WATER ONLY / SMART SNACK

Each of these products are made with 51% Whole Grain Flour or Pasta, but retains the great taste which will bring your students coming back for more. Don't take our word for it, take in some samples and try it out.

No matter what business you're in, you can be sure Gage Foods will help you serve great meals while managing an increasingly tight budget. Our goal is to use the highest quality ingredients available while still maintaining the budget guidelines given to us by our customers.

To learn more about what Gage Foods can do for you, click on one of the links below, go to About Us or just begin to browse our products (it will always be on your left no matter where in our site you go!).


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